Foresight Research Releases the 2014 Promotions Immersion Report(TM) for an Inside Look at Events and Sponsorship Auto Purchase Influence

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich., Sept. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Foresight Research announced publication of the Promotions Immersion Report™, a quantitative analysis of new auto purchasers and how they are influenced by events and sponsorships.

"The Promotions Immersion Report™ uncovers that 5% of all new vehicle buyers are influenced in their purchase by events, and of those, 18% of event viewers are influenced," said Nancy Walter, VP Business Development for Foresight, "and the people who actually go to events are influenced by that event at a much, much higher rate."

This report looks at dozens of measures relating to overall auto buyer and purchase influence trends, event attendance, event influence on vehicle purchase, event experience, and ROI. Highlights include:

  • Attendance and influence of events for 26 brands
  • Influential elements at events
  • Most effective types of events to convert attendees to prospects
  • Event impact on brand consideration
  • Influential messaging best featured at events
  • and much more!

The report compares event attendees and viewers in a number of different ways. For instance among segments, Pick-up buyers are the most likely segment to have watched an event, sporty car buyers most often attend events. Another comparison is of participation in pre-purchase activities - event attendees are generally more likely to participate in those activities, particularly seeking word of mouth, visiting an auto show or using social networks.

This is a valuable tool in the planning and budgeting arsenal for automotive promotions marketers. Find out more about The Promotions Immersion Report™ and our other 2014 Immersion reports at

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