Judge Sets Timetable For Next Phase Of Butamax v. Gevo Patent Infringement Litigation

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ButamaxTM Advanced Biofuels, LLC, the leading biobutanol technology company, received yesterday the District Court of Delaware's order scheduling two further rounds of patent infringement actions pending between Butamax and Gevo for resolution. The next phase of litigation, involving three Butamax patents asserted against Gevo, will begin in September 2014 with the discovery process and trial is scheduled for August 2015. Thereafter the remaining cases, involving three other Butamax patents asserted against Gevo, will recommence later in 2015 with trial scheduled for as early as April 2016.

Butamax continues to assert a total of eight patents against Gevo. Meanwhile, all of the cases involving patents asserted by Gevo against Butamax have either been ruled in Butamax's favor or dismissed. Gevo's final case against Butamax was dismissed by the Court in August 2014, following an Action Closing Prosecution from the Patent Office rejecting all claims.

Butamax also requested Patent Office re-examination or inter partes review of a total of 15 Gevo patents, of which 14 are ongoing and 1 has concluded in Butamax's favor. Gevo requested re-examination of four Butamax patents, all of which are ongoing.

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Source: Butamax