Cramer: Grabbing handfuls of cheap money

Good things are happening for shareholders because cash is relatively cheap, Cramer said.

"Today, for example, Vail Resorts spent $183 million dollars to buy another resort, Park City Mountain, in Utah," he said. That is, rather than keep that money in the bank, Vail decided it was better used for the sake of an acquisition. It appears the market agrees; shares of Vail, the acquiring company, rallied 10 percent on the news.

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Meanwhile, Twitter announced plans to sell $1.3 billion in convertible bonds. The offering marks the company's first debt offering. "Ultimately, it should help the unprofitable Internet company make acquisitions that could help it grow," Cramer said. Although shares closed a half perfect lower, they already began to pare losses in the aftermarket.

"Or how about Eastman Chemical," Cramer added. "It's buying another chemical company, Taminco, for $1.8 billion in cash so it can grow revenues and perhaps earnings next year." Taminco's shares rose 11 percent, to $26.55, topping the offer price of $26 per share, after Eastman also gave the company 30 days to solicit alternative proposals. Eastman's shares also rose on the news, although they later pared gains.

However, in each and every case, Cramer says developments were good for business, and, in the long-term, he believes they will ultimately be good for shareholders.

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"At one time these kinds of bond deals and acquisitions were relative rarities. They're now such daily occurrences that they often don't even make the news," Cramer said. But the "Mad Money" host feels that they should make news; in fact, he thinks they should be celebrated with banner headlines and bold typeface because it's these very kinds of deals that create value.

This is why Cramer so often says the stocks of good companies with shrewd leadership teams, solid financials and promising prospects provide average Americans with a path to long-term prosperity.

"Each day cheap money is making something good come true for shareholders," Cramer said. "It won't always be this way. But why not profit while it lasts."

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