Bravo's Water From Air is an Option to Water From Ground

NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCQB:OGNG) reports that according to recent reports, California finally passes groundwater regulations. This is another step towards a more serious effort in maintaining better water management by regulators around the world.

Groundwater makes up a huge piece of the State's water supply, meeting approximately 40% of its water demands in an average year and 60% or more during droughts, according to the State's water resources department. And groundwater is part of a larger hydrological system: excessive groundwater pumping can empty aquifers faster than natural systems can replenish them; dry up nearby wells; allowing salt water intrusion; and draw down water supplies from rivers, lakes and streams. Taking so much water out of soil can cause the dirt to compact and the land to sink, an aggressive pumping, destroying infrastructure such as irrigation canals, building foundations, roads, bridges and pipelines.

Instead of relying on groundwater as the only source of water supply, moisture from the air can and should be viewed upon as an alternative water source in both developed and under developed countries. Although relative humidity plays a key role in the efficiency of an atmospheric water machine, and the generation of water may vary in different places, the water generated can be transported to areas that need it by truck or pipeline. The series of atmospheric water harvesting machines available for sale are listed on the website

Bravo's brand, Splash Water for Life is a green, sustainable water generated from the 300 trillion tons of water in the air at all times from rivers, lakes and oceans. Moisture contained in the atmosphere is a practical water source not currently utilized. According to The atmosphere contains 3500 cubic miles of water or .001% of the earth's total water reservoir volume of 350 million cubic miles. Even if all 6.7 billion people on earth used water from water vapor processors at the rate of 49 liters per day, they would only consume .002% of the available atmospheric water.

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