Diet Doc Announces Their Commitment to Help Everyone Conquer Obesity With Their Doctor-Designed, Medically Supervised Diet Plans

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With obesity nearing epidemic proportions in the United States, many people are taking a stand against this potential killer by learning how to lose excess fat and keep it off for good. However, when searching for the perfect diet – the diet that will not leave one feeling hungry, tired and craving sweets and carbohydrates, it is important that health issues and medical concerns are addressed to support the body's nutritional requirements and to keep the body operating at full capacity.

With this in mind, the professionals at Diet Doc combined scientific research with modern medical understanding to create diet plans that will deliver safe and fast weight loss results without side effects. Their diet plans include the guidance and supervision of a highly trained staff of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches, all working in collaboration to assure that each patient's customized diet plan provides the perfect balance of healthy, low calorie, green, leafy vegetables and lean proteins that leave the dieter feeling full and satisfied without suffering gnawing cravings or loss of energy. Patients find the diet plans interesting because they incorporate such a wide range of healthy food selections, while the fast weight loss is motivational.

While many companies continue to follow Simeon's outdated hCG diet plans that left his patients with muscle weakness, hair and muscle loss, severe cravings and fatigue, Diet Doc does not support the dangerously low calorie protocol and has updated, modernized and modified their diet plans, substituting the dangerously low calorie intake with their nutritionist-designed diet plans that allow patients to consume more than double the daily calories. When the diet plans are enhanced with Diet Doc's pure, prescription hormone treatments, patients notice fat melting from their body at an amazing pace. This is because this powerful blend triggers the hypothalamus to target stores of old, trapped fat that has hidden itself deep within the cells, to be released into the bloodstream, burned and quickly flushed from the system.

New Diet Doc patients can begin their personal battle against obesity by completing a health questionnaire and scheduling an online consult with a Diet Doc physician. During the consult, the doctor will review the entire system to uncover underlying issues, such as hormonal imbalances, cellular toxicity or improperly functioning organs that may have promoted weight gain and prevented successful weight loss in the past. These medical issues will be addressed when tailoring each patient's customized diet plan.

Scheduled weekly checkup calls monitor weight loss, assess comfort level and observe attitude. This personal attention is unparalleled by the competition, helping people nationwide avoid obesity-related conditions, making Diet Doc the leader in weight loss solutions.

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