The Film 'Cantinflas' Selected to Represent Mexico in the Academy Awards

The film will compete for a nomination as Best Foreign Language Film

'Cantinflas' is now playing in the United States and Mexico's advance screenings will start on September 16th

'Cantinflas' arrives in 14 Latin American countries in September and October

MEXICO, DF and SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The film "Cantinflas" was selected by the Mexican Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences to represent Mexico in the Academy Awards where it will compete for a nomination as Best Foreign Language Film.

Directed by Sebastián del Amo and produced by Vidal Cantú and Adolfo Franco of Kenio Films, the film Cantinflas tells the story of Mexico's most important comedian of all time, from his humble beginnings through his triumph in Hollywood winning the Golden Globe for his acting in the film "Around the World in 80 Days."

"This film is a labor of love; it's very satisfying that it was selected to represent Mexico in the Academy Awards. I feel very pleased with the work achieved by everyone and by every single one of the actors and the whole crew," said co-producer, Vidal Cantú.

"The selection of our film motivates us to continue producing inspiring stories and quality entertainment of the highest standards; it is a great opportunity that we hope will expose the film to an even broader audience," said co-producer Adolfo Franco.

"Cantinflas" is now playing in more than 400 U.S. theaters with a successful box-office performance. The sneak peak screenings will start in Mexico on Sept. 16th.

"Cantinflas" is distributed by Pantelion Films in the United States and by Videocine Distribución in Mexico.

"Cantinflas" will premiere in Bolivia on Sept. 18th; in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador on Sept. 25th and in Ecuador on Sept. 26th. In Colombia and Panama the film will premiere on Oct. 2nd; in the Dominican Republic on Oct. 9th; in Chile and Uruguay on Oct. 16th; in Brazil on Oct. 22nd and in Peru on Oct. 23rd.

Kenio Films is an experienced content producer founded by Vidal Cantú and Adolfo Franco in 2005. Kenio is focused on the development of inspiring high-profile productions for the international markets of the United States of America, Europe and Latin America. EL JUEGO PERFECTO (THE PERFECT GAME) (2009) with Oscar nominees Clifton Collins and Louis Gosset, CON LOS PIES EN EL CIELO (A STEP FROM HEAVEN) (2010) with Gloria Estefan and Romero Britto, and CANTINFLAS (2014) with the acclaimed acting of Oscar Jaenada, are clear examples of the content direction of Kenia Films.

Pantelion Films is the first Latino studio in Hollywood and the new face of Hispanic entertainment. Launched in 2010, Pantelion's successes include Instructions Not Included, and Cantinflas, which achieved the highest per-screen average among all wide releases in the country during its premiere weekend August 29-31, as well as films such as Pulling Strings, Casa de mi Padre and From Prada to Nada.

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