Scam of the Century -- The Bernard Madoff Scandal

Andrew Madoff's $16M fortune enrages father's victims

Andrew Madoff in 2011
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Andrew Madoff, the son of convicted financier Bernie Madoff, was worth $16 million prior to his death from lymphoma on Sept. 4.

According to the New York Post, prosecutors were unaware of Madoff's fortune before his will was filed in Manhattan Surrogate Court. Victims of his father's fraud are furious.

"Sixteen million? And all these people were out of their money?" said Judith Welling, a retired Manhattan publishing executive who lost millions. "I would say there are going to be a lot of very angry people."

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"It's not fair — it's not fair at all," said victim Angelo Viola, 85, of Staten Island.

Madoff's fortune will be split between his two daughters, his first wife, and his fiancée. Anne and Emily, his daughters, were allotted equal shares of his tangible personal property. Deborah West, his first wife, will receive a third of his total estate equaling over $5 million.

His fiancée, Catherine Hooper, will get $50,000 a month until the estate is completed. The also indicates that Hooper will receive the rest of Madoff's money after shares have been paid to his daughters and his first wife.

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—By CNBC Staff