Cramer: Rate spike, Alibaba & other concerns

With a Fed meeting on the horizon and the Alibaba IPO due next week, Jim Cramer said there's every reason to believe that investors are looking at a rough ride. Part of Cramer's concern stems from a spike in the bond market which drove the yield on the 10-year Treasury to its highest level since July; "It's not the increase itself but the rate of the increase," Cramer said. "We know from the spring of 2013 that the velocity of the move is what freaks people out and causes them to sell stocks." What else concerns Cramer?

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Also, Street chatter suggesting that Visteon may split itself into two companies captured Cramer's attention. And after sifting through the specifics, he said, should the company split, the move could quickly unlock significant value.

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In addition, Cramer said it might be time to get Whole Foods on the radar. "With shares down more than 30 percent year to date, Cramer thinks too many investors are negative. "It's the most forward-thinking company in the industry on the eve of its first national ad campaign, an affinity program and more aggressive delivery. I'd start doing homework; a real turnaround could be coming in the not too distant future."

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Also, Cramer said "Ulta's back and, it might be bigger than ever." That is, after trading almost sideways for the better part of a year, Cramer said, "Ulta just reported the kind of quarter that gets the bulls going and infuriates the shorts."

In the Lightning Round when asked about Sony, Cramer said he'd rather own Apple. Also he said, in the rails, he liked Union Pacific better than CSX.

Looking at his homework, after a caller asked about RingCentral, Cramer hit the books and found the stock to be simply too speculative. "It's just not worth the risk," he said. Turning attention to AutoHome, another stock brought to Cramer's attention by a viewer, Cramer said "I'm willing to give this stock my blessing for speculation. Just remember to use limit orders and buy in small increments so that you can buy even more if the stock goes still lower."

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