Cramer’s game plan: Prepare for turmoil

Cramer thinks next week could be tough. "It's not a bad idea to raise some cash," he said.

Largely the Mad Money host fears investors may be facing something of a two-pronged storm that could leave real damage in its wake.

Cramer's first concern involves expectations that the Fed may telegraph higher rates by the language it doesn't use in Wednesday's statement. Because of that expectation, rates in the bond market spiked on Friday.

"Interest rates moved up very big with the 10-year Treasury climbing up to 2.6 percent. I know, historically that's not high but we know from the spring of 2013 that the velocity of the move is what freaks people out and causes them to sell stocks," Cramer noted.

And, to make the market all the more worrisome, Alibaba is expected to IPO late next week. "This deal, which comes next Friday, is going to be huge, requiring fund managers to raise money." In turn, Cramer believes pros will sell Apple, Google, Facebook and similar stocks.

If that selloff in tech occurs as investors shun cyclical stocks due to an expectation of higher interest rates, Cramer fears the market could turn ugly. That's the two pronged storm. "It all seems a bit ominous to me," he said.

It's through this lens that Cramer will be viewing a string of smaller events that could present opportunity. That is, with one eye on the broader market, here's what Cramer will be watching in the week ahead.

Jim Cramer on set of Mad Money

Mon., Sept. 15

On Monday Apple will again take center stage with Cramer eager to hear about pre-orders for the new iPhone 6. "I think they are going to be terrific and I think the stock's not done rallying."

Also, with the Alibaba IPO only days away, Cramer will be closely watching Yahoo! Because of its stake in Alibaba, "I have pushed it endlessly as a way to "pre-own" the IPO."

Tues., Sept. 16

On Tuesday Cramer will be eager to hear from Adobe. "I suspect that even if it's real good number, the hedge funds and mutual funds will still sell it to pay for, you guessed it, more Alibaba. Fact of life next week."

Wed., Sept. 17

On Wednesday Cramer, along with the rest of the market, will be eagerly awaiting a statement from the Fed. Specifically, the Street will be looking to see if the central bank uses the phrase "considerable time" when describing its low rate policy. If the phrase is omitted from the statement, pros will take it as a sign that higher rates are coming.

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"Besides the Fed on Wednesday we are going to get a worldwide economic check when Federal Express reports," Cramer said. "This company transports goods worldwide and I think that we will hear about increased activity in the U.S. but also a slowdown around the globe. I will be all over it Wednesday night."

Thurs. Sept. 18

On Thursday, Cramer will be sifting through results from Rite Aid. "I know it's been a dog of late. I am urging patience. It is a huge turn around. It is happening. It tripled and has pulled back to a double. Don't panic. Let's listen."

Fri. Sept. 19

Alibaba is set to be the largest IPO ever when it launches next Friday, and Cramer will be bracing for the "Alibaba effect." Fund managers are going to have to sell stocks for this one.

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