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Dash for trash: Pros pick comeback stocks

Dash for trash: TGT, COH & more

One trader's stock is another trader's treasure.

On Friday, the CNBC's "Fast Money" traders shared their top picks for stocks that have suffered brutal losses this year that are now poised for a comeback.

Triogem Asset Management's Tim Seymour called out Target.

"People assume Target is a broken company," said Seymour. "But you have a new CEO, you have margins that are turning, you have an inflection point for earnings, you have a 3.5 percent dividend yield. This is a stock no one expects anything from. This is a stock to me that is worth owning here."

Pete Najarian of said that he sees opportunity in Coach, citing a new product mix and the price-to-earnings level as "too cheap."

Brian Kelly of Brian Kelly Capital said that he likes 3D Systems, calling it "revolutionary technology, a factory in a box."

"It's going to be a rocky ride, but this is something I want to be in and have exposure to for the next year or two," said Kelly.

Private Advisor Group's Guy Adami said that he expects growth in Alpha Natural Resources.

"2011 was an awful year for the coal stocks and a catalyst for Alpha Natural could be Wednesday's Credit Suisse [Basic Materials] conference," he said.

By CNBC's Leanne Miller

CORRECTION: This version corrected that Seymour was calling out Target, not J.C. Penney.