City of Lakewood Selects IDModeling's Sedaru(R) Software to Deliver Real-Time Utility Intelligence and Increase Operational Efficiencies

ARCADIA, Calif., Sept. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IDModeling, Inc., a leading global provider of smart water network software and services, has been selected by the City of Lakewood, California to deploy its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedaru. The industry's real-time solution to connect organizational data, systems, and people across the water enterprise, Sedaru leverages IDModeling's proven hydraulic, asset and operational management analytics so utilities can anticipate water operations, understand impacts and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource, and asset management initiatives.

The City of Lakewood's Water Resources Department (City) is responsible for providing high quality drinking water to its approximately 80,000 residential and business customers. The City's water supply comes solely from the City's deep water wells, which lie within the Central Groundwater Basin. IDModeling worked with the City to deploy Sedaru, connecting their field and office operations, integrating their GIS, customer service data, water conservation response, field maintenance, and their hydraulic model into a single, easy-to-use operating platform to enable role-based water analytics, accessible anywhere, anytime.

The City is using Sedaru to serve as an online, predictive, always-on operational tool by running simulations on their water system to anticipate the impact of operational choices made across their water network. These are typically analyses that the City would otherwise pay consultants for, but are now enabled to access this information, and collaborate on this data on their own.

"It was most impressive to see Sedaru model our water system in action," said Leon de los Reyes, Water Operations Superintendent. "The ability to easily run different scenarios on our network, to anticipate and prepare for 'what-ifs', to identify potentially problematic areas in advance, is most exciting for us."

Sedaru will also have an immediate positive impact on the productivity of the City's daily tasks by providing digital record keeping, mobile forms and GIS-based mapping in the hands of their field crews. Technicians will be able to update selected GIS data, ensuring that the City has up-to-date information accessible to everyone. "To have an electronic version of records allows the next generation [of City employees] to have easy access to our history," said Nancy van der Linden, Water Administration Manager of the Lakewood Department of Water Resources. "With the use of an iPad, field workers can now know what is in the ground in front of them," she added. "With Sedaru, there is a lot of continuity in the flow of information and communication."

The City is also leveraging Sedaru to take proactive steps to address the ongoing drought in the Southwest. City Customer Service representatives are able to investigate water loss incidents, water inefficiencies, and other water conservation incidents. As soon as this information is gathered in the Sedaru app, it is viewable in real-time by field and office staff so they can implement an appropriate response, resulting in less non-revenue water, lower production costs, happier customers, and greater flexibility for system operations. All of these data are securely stored for historical trending, analysis, and reporting.

Sedaru is the intuitive, always-on smart water network that delivers the link between utilities, their data, and the collected knowledge of their staff. It paves the way for utilities to move forward, continuously improving preservation of their water resources, allocation of staff, and knowledge management. Ms. Van der Linden put it this way: "Sedaru's mobile technology improves operational efficiency by allowing for immediate response and communication between the office and the field. Any time that data is available at the touch of a screen it is more efficient rather than relying on a piece of paper." She concluded: "Keeping up with technology is important for our succession plan, for our customers, and [for our] business."

"IDModeling is thankful to have supported the City's water operations, maintenance and engineering departments for several years," said IDModeling's CEO Paul Hauffen. "The City has vast amounts of organizational water system experience and data. To help modernize and automate how that information and experience gets leveraged and analyzed is a privilege. They now run a real-time, shared business system that their operators, maintenance crews, customer service, and engineers can access instantly to get the data they need, when they need it. We look forward to following and supporting their success every step of the way."


About IDModeling, Inc.: Infrastructure Data Modeling (IDM) delivers next-generation network management software and services for the smart water industry to build the world's water network. IDM connects the past and models the present to prepare for the future, with fully connected, real-time, user-friendly products designed to bring immediate value to its customers. IDM operates Sedaru as a Service (SaaS) for utilities to access information, communicate across the organization, and simulate performance of their water systems.

About Sedaru: Sedaru is What Happens Next™ when water utilities need to make the right decisions. With connected, predictive decision support analytics, Sedaru creates findable, shareable, and actionable information for any role within the utility, including Management, Engineering, Operations, Water Quality, Maintenance, and Customer Service.
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