Danville Chiropractic Clinic Launches Detox and Weight Loss Program

DANVILLE, Calif., Sept. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Danville chiropractor is making area residents aware of the upcoming launch of a new detox and weight loss program on September 16th. According to Dr. Mahsa Khodabakhsh, DC, Empowered Chiropractic will initiate a 21-Day Purification Program alongside a 15-week lecture series with a prepared meal option. The programs aim to help patients lose weight, eliminate toxins from tissues, and learn new strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Khodabakhsh of Empowered Chiropractic is launching what she calls a powerful detox and weight loss program. The chiropractor describes the 21-day Purification Program as a combination of supplements, meal replacements and exercises aimed at improving the body's ability to cleanse itself of harmful substances. She notes that toxins play a major role in causing the body's metabolism to slow down and fat cells to expand. "The body tries to store the toxins within its fat cells, which causes the fat cells to grow larger and larger instead of releasing their stores for the body's use. Toxins also interfere with normal hormone production, impairing metabolism," she said.

The chiropractor cites bloating, digestive problems, fatigue, "brain fog," and an inability to lose weight normally as common signs of toxin overload.

The purification program, according to Dr. Khodabakhsh, is a safe and effective plan for cleansing the body while providing it with the nutrients it needs to regain normal metabolic function. Over time, the toxins are eliminated and the body's pH becomes more alkaline, restoring its biochemical balance. Once the purification process is complete, she adds, patients can slowly add favorite foods back into their menu, taking careful notes of their intake and making use of the many healthful recipes suggested by the program.

The purification program will be integrated into a larger 15-week program of ongoing education and lifestyle adjustment. Dr. Khodabakhsh describes the program as a combination of lectures, one-to-one coaching, weekly weigh-ins, coaching calls, healthy recipes, and cooking and lifestyle change. "Participants will learn how to shift their dietary focus onto whole, organic and natural foods, which will help them avoid toxic buildup in the future. They will also have access to exercise classes and a series of supplements designed to promote optimal health and wellness," she said.

In addition to these features, Dr. Khodabakhsh states that participants will also have the option of ordering prepared meals to make their transformation to a healthy lifestyle even easier. "Not everyone has time to cook, so we let you pick out a certain amount of weekly prepared meals, prepared by a local chef," she added.

In addition to its detoxification and weight loss program, Empowered Chiropractic offers spinal adjustment, sports performance training, sports injury treatment, pediatrics, hormone health and other services for Danville residents.

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