iWant: More than 4 million set new iPhone pre-order record

Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off the new iPhone 6 on Sept. 9, 2014 in Cupertino, Calif.
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Apple's iPhone 6 set a new order record, the company announced on Monday, with more than 4 million pre-orders for both iterations of the smartphone pouring in for the shiny new device.

"Demand for the new iPhones exceeds the initial pre-order supply," Apple said in a release. "While a significant amount will be delivered to customers beginning on Friday and throughout September, many iPhone pre-orders are scheduled to be delivered in October."

Amid much fanfare last week, the Cupertino-based tech giant rolled out two versions of its iconic smartphone, but with a new twist. The iPhone 6 is available in the standard compact size, while the iPhone 6 Plus features a larger screen that many observers have compared to Samsung's increasingly ubiquitous Galaxy Note.

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In fact, Samsung itself addressed the brewing controversy in a new not so subtle jab at its fiercest competitor. Samsung mocked the new iPhone 6 by touting how the Galaxy was initially met with a hail of ridicule, only to be embraced by consumers.

Apple's ecosystem losing cool factor?

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At least for now, surging demand for the new devices silence complaints that Apple may have lost its hold on the public's imagination since the untimely demise of Steve Jobs. It also suggests gadget geeks have not been scared off by the high-profile cloud hacking that resulted in a cache of intimate celebrity photos being released on the Internet.

Apple said "additional supply" for the new iPhone will be available to walk-in customers, though consumers will be "encouraged to arrive early or order online" — all but guaranteeing long queues around Apple stores and wireless carriers.

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By CNBC's Javier E. David