ConnectWise(R) Announces Integration With Acomba, Canada's Leading Accounting Suite

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectWise, developer of the leading business management platform designed exclusively for technology solution providers, today announced that it will provide Canada-based partners an integration with the popular accounting software, Acomba Accounting Suite. Implemented to meet growing demand, the ConnectWise-Acomba Accounting Suite integration will allow partners to import their ConnectWise data directly into the Acomba application.

For partners interested in seamless information transfer, the integration allows accounting data to be imported directly into Acomba, easing the procurement process by automatically synchronizing the payment and procurement process with vendors. With a simple click, administrators can export invoices, expenses, item receipts and inventory adjustment transactions between the two platforms, while mapping vendor records directly with partner companies.

"The ConnectWise-Acomba integration is tailored to deliver best-in-class- accounting capabilities to a region that is rapidly adopting integrated business-process platforms," said Jeannine Edwards, Director, ConnectWise Platform. "This integration highlights our commitment to our partners and solidifies ConnectWise as the leading business management platform in Canada."

Acomba provides a one-stop-shop for all of a company's accounting and ongoing management needs. It sets the standard for SMB accounting software leveraging a modular approach to helping clients respond to customer demand. It is the only solution recommended by the APCHQ and provides everything from project and work-in-progress management to accounting, invoicing and payroll.

For more information on how ConnectWise can change the way you organize your business, please view the ConnectWise Interactive Demo.

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