Burger joint stiffed by NFL star sells receipt on eBay for $100,000

Receipt signed by LeSean McCoy as shown on eBay
Source: eBay

A restaurant that got stiffed on a tip by a football superstar may have the last laugh, and could do so all the way to the bank.

The 20-cent tip seen round the world is now selling on eBay, in the form of the receipt of a meal had by Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy.

In the wake of McCoy's leaving of a piddling gratuity, the restaurant's owner has waged a media campaign to shame the athlete, now resorting to a popular auction website. where the current high bid is flirting with $100,000.

PYT owner on LeSean McCoy's 20-cent tip

According to the site's data, the slip of waxen paper has had nearly 90 inquiries, and bids will close Saturday. The lucky buyer will be able to take receipt by next week.

The incident has been the subject of much controversy since it unfolded nearly two weeks ago at Philly-based burger joint PYT. Waiter Rob Knelly posted the bill of sale on Facebook, which led McCoy to hit back about what he said was the establishment's bad service.

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Yet in an interview last week with CNBC, PYT owner Tommy Up defended the decision to turn the incident into a public relations battle with McCoy. He called the superstar running back a vulgarity on air, while issuing a non-apology for what he said was McCoy's "verbally abusive" behavior. McCoy later faulted PYT for poor service, telling reporters that he would "do it again" if the situation called for it.

Although the waiter's name is not mentioned on the bid, the item's description said Up was "a good friend" who had allowed him to sell the receipt "in order to ensure something positive comes out of this somewhat negative action that has recently taken place."

Reached by CNBC, a PYT employee confirmed the receipt's validity, but declined to identify the seller.

—By CNBC staff.