Cellphone only sidewalk tested out in China

It's a hindrance most city dwellers face regularly—pedestrians are so glued to their phones they inevitably end up bumping into others.

But if an experiment in one Chinese city takes off, this annoying safety hazard could become a thing of the past.

The city of Chongqing in southwest China has divided one of its sidewalks into two lanes, one for cellphone users. A warning sign painted in white proclaims: "Cellphones walk in this lane at your own risk."

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The road, known as "yangrenjie," or "foreigners' street," is a popular tourist attraction because of its Western architecture and amusement park. It is 50 meters long and 3 meters wide.

According to reports in China Daily, tourists who have come across the sidewalk thus far have mainly taken photos of it, ignoring the regulation.

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Netizens took to the twittersphere to express their support for the experiment.

One tweeter thought the practice should be rolled out across the U.S.

Another said the necessity for a mobile-phone-only lane is a worrying sign for how society is developing.

While another had a more extreme solution in mind:

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According to CNN, the developer behind the experiment in Chongqing said he was inspired by a similar experiment in Washington, D.C.

National Geographic staged the stunt for a TV series on behavioral science called "Mind Over Masses." It took place on 18th Street Northwest in Washington in July.

The Washington experiment also appeared to have a mixed response. According to Yahoo reports, most phone users failed to notice the signs, while several of those who did stopped to take photos.

—By CNBC's Katie Holliday