BAE Systems Selects Global Eagle Entertainment's WISE(TM) Solution for Its IntelliCabin(TM) Inflight Entertainment System

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq:ENT), a worldwide leading provider of content, connectivity and digital media solutions to airlines, has announced a strategic and technological relationship with BAE Systems, a global provider of defense, security and aerospace systems, to integrate its WISE™ inflight streaming solution with BAE Systems' inflight entertainment (IFE) offering for commercial aircraft.

WISE™ will provide the software backbone for the entertainment solution available with IntelliCabin, a modular and scalable cabin management architecture developed by BAE Systems for applications ranging from in-seat power and dynamic LED cabin lighting, to wireless, tablet-based in-flight entertainment.

"We are committed to providing a superior flying experience to passengers, and functionality never before available to airlines, with our IntelliCabin family of products," said Jared Shoemaker, Director of Cabin Systems at BAE Systems. "The expertise in digital media solutions that Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) will bring to our IntelliCabin is unparalleled in the industry and will equate to a more immersive and enhanced entertainment experience for passengers."

IntelliCabin's state-of-the-art IFE system offers the convenience of Samsung tablets at every seat, as well as wireless support of passengers' own devices, compatible with inflight connectivity. The IFE solution features an impressive navigation menu and a wide range of content programming options such as movies, TV shows, a moving map, games, and digital publications.

Through its contract with BAE Systems, GEE will provide its technological and digital media expertise, enabling airlines to benefit from a complete content delivery chain, ranging from software solutions to local and international content selection, distribution, technical services, delivery and support.

"Our agreement with BAE Systems is an important milestone in the deployment of wireless inflight solutions to the airline market," commented Alexis Steinman, Senior Vice President, Software & Development at GEE. "IntelliCabin is a truly innovative inflight entertainment product and the flexibility built into WISE™, as an agnostic platform, allows us to deliver robust services to strategic partners like BAE Systems, providing a differentiated wireless streaming solution for passengers using mobile devices."

As a market-leading provider of content services and digital media to airlines, GEE boasts the industry's largest variety of content available for wireless IFE, including an extensive catalogue of popular movies and TV shows approved for DRM streaming by major Hollywood studios.

About Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE)

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (Nasdaq:ENT) is a worldwide provider of media content, technology, and connectivity solutions to the travel industry. Through the industry's most comprehensive product and services platform, GEE provides airlines with a wide range of inflight solutions. These include Wi-Fi, movies, television, music, interactive software, as well as portable IFE solutions, content management services, e-commerce solutions and original content development. Serving over 150 airlines worldwide, GEE delivers exceptional quality and value to its customers to help them achieve their passenger experience objectives. The company's headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, with offices and teams located in North America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. Find out more at

About WISE™

WISE™, Wireless Inflight Services and Entertainment, is a wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) software platform that allows passengers to stream a variety of content on their personal electronic devices during their flight. Designed to work with or without inflight connectivity, WISE™ is a hardware agnostic solution and has been selected by several renowned hardware partners as the backbone for their inflight wireless streaming offerings. Through these partners, WISE™ allows airlines to benefit from a complete content delivery chain ranging from software solutions to local and international content selection, distribution, technical services, delivery and support.

About BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a leader in high-integrity flight and engine controls, and cabin and flight-deck systems. Every second, a flight takes off enabled by the company's flight critical systems. IntelliCabin is an integrated approach to cabin management and provides capabilities such as in-seat power, LED lighting, wireless tablet-based in-flight entertainment, and dimmable windows.

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