Beloved Bodybuilder and Actor Lou Ferrigno Credits Tenex Health TX(TM) for Getting Him Back on His Feet

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Sept. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The internationally known and respected bodybuilder, television and movie star, motivational speaker and fitness expert, Lou Ferrigno, always needs to be at the top of his game. Unfortunately, Mr. Ferrigno suffered with plantar fasciitis for several years, and the pain from it affected all aspects of his active life. He tried a number of conventional and unconventional treatments for his condition, but none worked, and Mr. Ferrigno continued to suffer. Mr. Ferrigno then underwent the Tenex Health TX procedure, and is now pain free. He credits the TX System for successfully treating his plantar fasciitis, and allowing him to get back to his busy life and career.

"I suffered debilitating heel pain for over 3 years, due to plantar fasciitis, and reached a point where I didn't think I would ever walk normally again," said Lou Ferrigno. "Dr. Davis gave me hope when he told me about the minimally invasive procedure called Tenex Health TX. He told me I would be able to recover in a few months, and I would be able to go back to my normal exercise and weights routine, which is very important to me personally, as well as my career. After carefully following the post-procedure recovery plan, I realized one day the pain was gone, and I was walking pain free for the first time in years."

"Lou had one of the worst cases of plantar fasciitis I have seen, and he was suffering with pain when simply walking and standing," said Tim Davis, MD, Medical Director of Orthopedic Pain Specialists in Santa Monica, California. "Lou is an icon in the health and fitness industry, but his activity was severely restricted due to his heel pain. Having failed numerous other treatments, I knew that the Tenex Health TX procedure was the best option to get Lou back to his normal activity level quickly, and without pain. His results are exactly what we expect to see with Tenex Health TX. Both my patients and I are extremely pleased with the simplicity of the procedure, and quick recovery, when treating chronic tendonitis with this minimally invasive solution."

Lou Ferrigno joins a growing list of professional athletes, as well as individuals, simply seeking a rapid return to activity, whether it be for work or recreation, who have benefited from Tenex Health TX.

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Tenex Health, Inc. ( (, develops and markets innovative therapies for the treatment of joint pain in tendon or plantar fascia tissue caused by Chronic Tendon Disease. The company's minimally invasive technology is designed to specifically cut and remove the damaged tissue in a targeted manner with the use of ultrasound image guidance. The entire procedure is completed in an outpatient setting within 20 minutes using only a local anesthetic. The precision of removing only the damaged tissue allows patients to enjoy quick recovery times without additional treatments or physical therapy.

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