StoneRiver and Cincom Announce Strategic Alliance

DENVER and CINCINNATI, Sept. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StoneRiver, Inc., the trusted insurance technology partner with solutions across multiple lines of business, and Cincom Systems, a world-wide software provider, today announced a cooperative marketing and technical alliance. The alliance will allow the two companies to jointly market and deliver a comprehensive solution that provides a seamless integration between StoneRiver's Stream® Suite and Cincom's Eloquence® customer communications application. The integration will allow insurers using StoneRiver's P &C all-lines Stream Suite to simplify the development, production and delivery of complex customer communications across print and electronic channels via a direct connection between Stream Suite data and Eloquence's communication engine.

"Cincom Eloquence will offer tremendous value to the entire Stream Suite, especially Stream Claims. For superior customer experiences, it's essential to have a comprehensive solution that not only helps manage every aspect of the claims process but also provides timely, relevant and accurate communications throughout the cycle, and that's exactly what the integration of StoneRiver Stream and Cincom Eloquence will offer," says Gary Anderson, President and CEO of StoneRiver, Inc.

"Many insurers are seeking the two major benefits that this partnership provides: enhancing customer communications during the critical claims lifecycle, and streamlining the integration between core systems and customer communications management systems," says Deb Smallwood, Founder of Strategy Meets Action (SMA). "Insurers planning to upgrade their claims environment in this age of the customer experience would do well to consider the StoneRiver/Cincom integrated solution."

"The integration of StoneRiver Stream with Cincom Eloquence will enable insurers to experience these best-in-class applications like never before," states Lori Gelter, Program Director for Cincom. "The StoneRiver and Cincom teams will work hand-in-hand to deliver a robust, 'out of the box' integration that eliminates the concern that most insurers have with other software providers who offer loosely-coupled integrations with a variety of vendors. This partnership is based on two organizations with high-quality, specialized products that are working together to deliver an end-to-end claims management and customer communication solution."

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