Wipebook(TM) - The Popular Dry-Erase Notebook - Now Available Through OnTheHub(TM) at Exclusive Academic Pricing

OTTAWA, Sept. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taking notes in class just got a lot easier for students in Canada and the U.S. with the introduction today of the revolutionary Wipebook™ notebook on the OnTheHub™ eStore and network of school-branded web stores powered by Kivuto Solutions Inc., the world's leading provider of hosted, flexible and scalable solutions for complex digital distribution requirements.

Designed to combine traditional notebooks and whiteboards, Wipebook blends the capabilities of both in a compact, Proclick-bound collection of removable, specially-coated, erasable sheets on which users can write notes, plot charts, draw graphics, or compose music with correctable markers. All notes can be easily wiped away when they are no longer needed, so the sheets can be reused over and over again.

"Wipebook alleviates the frustration most students have with conventional writing tools," said Frank Bouchard, Wipebook co-founder. "Pencils offer the opportunity to erase mistakes, but often leave a mess on the page. Pens offer smooth writing and a variety of color options, but are not the right choice when you don't want your ideas or notes to be permanent. Whiteboards offer the best of both, but they are not portable. So we created Wipebook to provide users with the whiteboard experience, but in a format that they can take with them and that can be saved for future reference without smudging. And when you no longer need the notes, you just erase the page you don't want and reuse it. It's a great tool and we are now offering it at a special academic price available only through OnTheHub."

Available now to eligible students, faculty, and staff in Canada and the U.S. at $22.99 (savings of close to 40% off retail), Wipebook can be purchased in lined, grid, blank or music page variants, and is shipped with one black correctable pen.

"Anyone who is into design, wire framing, sketching, doodling, ideation, diagraming and simply writing ideas down rather than typing them will appreciate this new and innovative notebook. We are happy to welcome the Wipebook team aboard and be able to bring this special offer to the academic community via OnTheHub" said Gustavo Sanchez, Director of Marketing.

About Wipebook

Wipebook co-founders Frank Bouchard, Toby Maurice and Thomas Sychterz met in an entrepreneurship class during their Masters in Engineering at the University of Ottawa in February 2013. After some success with the original version of Wipebook, the trio decided to launch a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter in November/December 2013 to finance production of a new and improved version. Within 30 days, sales exceeded $420,000, more than 1000 percent of their initial $4000 goal.

About Kivuto

Kivuto Solutions is the world's leading provider of advanced digital distribution and management solutions that enable the secure delivery of digital goods to individuals, businesses, and organizations anywhere in the world. Kivuto simplifies the process of delivering any digital good to any market under virtually any terms and conditions. Over 60,000 academic institutions and departments trust Kivuto to manage and distribute software to their students, faculty and staff. The company distributes software in 195 countries and supports 14 languages. www.kivuto.com.

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