iPhone 6 Review: 'Best smartphone in the market'

Mossberg: iPhone 6 best on market
Mossberg: iPhone 6 best on market

Curious to know how the recent Apple products released to so much fanfare stack up? Re/code got early access to the two new iPhones, and the new operating system, and it sounds like Apple has done it right this time. Read their full reviews below.

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"In my view, it's the best smartphone on the market, when you combine its hardware, all-new operating system, and the Apple ecosystem whose doors it opens." -- Walt Mossberg.

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"Maybe I'm getting old, and my eyes are getting worse. Or maybe I'm stuck in Apple's reality-distortion field (help). But something strange happened this week. I started to like a phablet." -- Lauren Goode

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"Though it had a couple hiccups, like the Mail app crashing a few times, it's a fast, solid and fresh version of iOS that users will like." -- Katherine Boehret