CCTV Script 17/09/14


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on September 17, Wednesday.

Welcome to the CNBC Business Daily, I'm Qian Chen.

Love it or hate it, you certainly can't avoid talking about Alibaba's impending listing.

And for investors who've made money in stocks like Jumei and, well… they might be willing now to lighten up.

Take a look at these charts. and Jumei, who BOTH started trading in May.. have seen their stocks fall on news of Alibaba's IPO.

But as Eunice Yoon reports, here's one major criticism about the e-commerce site.

Alibaba is a big player in e-commerce.

But many brands complain the company is also a titan in China's counterfeit trade.

So does Alibaba help counterfeiters reach a broader market? We decided to look into it for ourselves and what better way than with our own brand."

"So this is what we found. We found a Shanghai vendor who is offering up CNBC stickers bookmarks as well as magnets and they can deliver in a couple of days."

"I think I'm going to order some CNBC stickers from this Shanghai vendor and see what happens."

A couple days later… my order arrives.

"Oh, my 'official' CNBC stickers!"

Not so official as it turns out.

CNBC doesn't authorize the production and sale of these types of stickers in China.

We decided to call the vendor, Mr. Shen.

Shen told me he makes the stickers in his own factory... after copying the CNBC design from a special database off the Internet.

I asked him if he had legal authorization to use the logo.

"We are not authorized. On Taobao, there are very few people who are authorized unless they have special franchise stores."

I asked if Alibaba has ever told him to stop.

"No, no. If they want us to stop they will let us know."

Alibaba declined to comment on our case, but, in its recent SEC filing, the firm said it's taking down counterfeits and making it easier for brands to report infringements.

Now that Alibaba is listing in New York...

the question is will the company feel investor pressure to truly stop the fakes.

Eunice Yoon CNBC Beijing.

As we await Alibaba's IPO, U.S. exchanges say options trading on the stock will start in two weeks.

CBOE and the International Securities Exchange expect to list Alibaba contracts on September 29th, pending the IPO this week.

Other U.S. options exchanges are likely to offer the security at the same time, but so far no word from BATS.

I'm Qian Chen, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters.

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