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Cramer: ‘Compelling’ stock for slowing economy

Isis Pharmaceuticals CEO: Not changing name, terrorists can change theirs
Isis Pharmaceuticals CEO: Not changing name, terrorists can change theirs

Are you're concerned that the global economy isn't quite as perky as it had been? Cramer is, too.

"That's why I've been highlighting biotech stocks so often lately. They're not cyclical; they typically do equally well regardless of how the economy's doing," Cramer said.

It's these so-called secular growers that Cramer wants individual investors to consider in the days ahead. And of all the stocks in the space, Cramer said that Isis Pharmaceutical is among his favorites, largely due to the many groundbreaking drugs in its pipeline.

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"This company has pioneered what's known as antisense technology, medical speak for drugs that work by binding to the RNA in a person's cells," Cramer said. Already, the company has an effective treatment on the market for a rare disease that causes high cholesterol.

However, that may only be the tip of the iceberg. Currently Isis has over 30 drugs in development.

Speaking about some of those new drugs on "Mad Money", Isis CEO Dr. Stanley Crooke said, "These drugs have the potential to be very effective against some very difficult to treat diseases. We're very excited."

Looking at returns, "Isis Pharma has generated 334 percent gain since I first got behind it nearly two years ago," said Cramer, "And it's up a quick 45 percent since we last spoke to the CEO in late May, but the stock is still more than 20 points off its highs. I think it could have more room to run because this company is a potential game-changer, not to mention a possible takeover target for any growth starved big pharma player looking to expand its pipeline," Cramer said.

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All told, Cramer thinks Isis presents a compelling opportunity. "I've liked this company for ages. I think it's one of the best biotech stories around. This stock is right. I don't know how else to put it."

And in case you're wondering, Cramer asked Dr. Crooke if geopolitical events might compel the company to change its name. "I don't want to capitulate to those terrorists," Crooke replied.

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