Everlert, Inc. Marketing Forensic X-Ray Scanner at Three Major Trade Shows This Month Through Totalpost Security Systems Division

MONROVIA, Calif., Sept. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everlert, Inc. (the "Company") (OTC:EVLI), is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting the FLATSCAN DF-80 Forensic X-Ray Scanner at three major US Trade Shows / Conferences this month at the following locations:

  • CSCA2014 – California State Coroner's Association – Sept. 15 – 16, Visalia, CA
  • NAME2014 – National Association of Medical Examiners – Sept. 19 – 22, Portland, OR
  • PSCA2014 – Pennsylvania State Coroner's Association Meeting and Convention, Sept. 24 – 25, Pittsburgh, PA

The Company hopes to continue to educate coroners on the numerous benefits to acquiring a forensic scanner to supplement the autopsy process. In so doing, counties will expedite autopsies, establish the cause of death in a non-intrusive manner, and obtain better quality images. The FLATSCAN forensic screener provides fast, high penetration digital forensic screening at a fraction of the cost of comparable CT scanning equivalents.

Attendees of the trade show will be encouraged to navigate through a simulator of the software with real images to familiarize themselves with the functionality and test drive the system's image acquisition control.

The Flatscan DF-80 unit is being customized to address suggestions from coroners based on initial trials. In addition, a mobile unit is being designed to be used on location for disasters, military endeavors, as well as for transportation for temporary use by counties that do not have the space or funds to purchase a unit.

One unit will be placed at a major Coroner's office in Northern California in October. The staff will be trained and surrounding counties will be encouraged to participate in the training and use of the forensic scanner in a "real-world" environment.

Visit the Totalpost Services, Inc. and Everlert, Inc. websites at: www.totalpostusa.com and www.everlert.net for further details about the Company.

About Everlert:

Everlert, Inc. is in the business of Mail Management solutions and management through Totalpost Services, Inc.; it is one of the most prominent providers of quality ink cartridges in the U.S. postage meter industry. Pitney Bowes, Neopost/Hasler, FP are a few of the meter cartridge manufactures that Everlert produces and distributes compatible cartridges for their machines. Virtually all U.S. based businesses use a postage meter cartridge on a daily basis to fulfill their mailing needs, creating a large demand for our quality cartridges.

Totalpost's brand and reputation is expanding into other highly profitable business markets such as mailroom equipment, mailroom services, returned mail recycling, disaster planning and recovery for the mail recovery functionality for companies, and its Forensic and Security Division for representation of its line of forensic and security x-ray scanning equipment. Our purpose is to create added value through enhancements and other improvements. Everlert, Inc. is a Nevada corporation and its corporate operations are located in Monrovia, California.

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