Plumas Bank and Alexandre Kids Partner to Promote Environmental Stewardship and a Healthy Lifestyle

QUINCY, Calif., Sept. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plumas Bank, a subsidiary of Plumas Bancorp (Nasdaq:PLBC), has partnered with Alexandre Kids, LLC, owned by Blake and Stephanie Alexandre along with their five children, Joseph, Christian, Vanessa, Dalton and Savanna. These five industrious children are 5th generation dairy farmers on both sides of the family. The family also owns and operates Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms. They have locations in Crescent City, Smith River, Eureka and Ferndale, California.

Working diligently and enthusiastically to create a new and improved family tradition, Blake, Stephanie and the children have rekindled old traditional farming methods. They strongly believe that animals raised on a grass fed diet and free to roam in the pasture, produce the most wholesome and nutritious foods. Endorsing this philosophy is how Alexandre Kids, LLC, an offshoot of Alexandre EcoDairy Farms, was established. The two oldest children began raising laying hens on organic pastures at the ages of 11 and 12 years old, prior to high school. Over time, their ventures flourished as their FFA projects and were supported by their three younger siblings. Alexandre Kids, LLC, progressed from there.

Christian Alexandre, explained the process: "My brothers and sisters and I raise baby chicks for five months until they become laying hens. Roosters are kept with the laying hens to ensure desirable fertilized eggs. The chickens enjoy a natural farm life setting where they can produce the most nutritious eggs. Our chickens eat a wide variety of plants and insects from the dairy's organic pastures. Their diet is supplemented with a mixture of organic grains and minerals. We never add any chemicals, hormones or antibiotics." Christian proudly added, "Each brown egg, which is nest-laid and hand gathered, is a nutrient dense, whole food package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins."

Blake Alexandre, commented, "Alexandre Kids, LLC grew so quickly, we soon began looking for financial assistance to help us accommodate the expansion. We knew we needed an exceptional bank that would listen to our unique needs. We were very pleased to partner with Plumas Bank; they have a very responsive, professional loan team."

"We needed more of almost everything for the accelerating organic egg operation," remarked Stephanie Alexandre. "With Plumas Bank's expertise, we were able to purchase more land, more equipment to wash and sort the eggs, and more mobile chicken coops." She added, "Although the nearest Plumas Bank office is more than 200 miles away from our main operation, their Remote Deposit service has made it very easy and convenient to do our banking. We've been able to increase efficiencies, improve our business processes, and prepare for future growth."

Alexandre Kids, LLC is flourishing. The company has developed impressive agricultural and business relationships and has acquired contracts with several well-known large chain markets and box stores. These corporations are keenly aware that their customers appreciate the nutritional value that free-range, pastured organic eggs offer.

The Alexandre family is proud to include themselves with a growing number of ranchers and private landowners who have blended old traditions and new values; that a traditional way of life, raising their organic laying hens, dairy cows, and cattle, can be done in harmony with the land. The goal is to embrace wetlands, restore riparian areas and generally work with nature. The Alexandre's are wise stewards of the land, ensuring that America's natural resources will thrive and improve under their stewardship, while maintaining a profitable and sustainable agriculture business.

About the companies:

Alexandre Kids, LLC is an offshoot of the Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farm, an Organic Valley Grassmilk partner. The organic egg enterprise evolved as a high school FFA project by two of the Alexandre kids, Joseph and Christian, and was supported with the help of their three younger siblings. The Alexandre's use no pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs on their CCOF Certified Organic farm. They bought their first farm in 1992 and have established three more farms and a hay ranch throughout Northern California. Visit for more information.

Founded in 1980, Plumas Bank is a locally owned and managed full-service community bank based in northeastern California. With assets of over $500 million, Plumas Bank is known for its personalized service, community orientation and focus on lending to small and growing businesses. Plumas Bank is a SBA Preferred Lender offering loans in the states of California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The Bank's website is

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