Microsoft cuts 2,100 jobs as restructuring plan winds down

Microsoft to CNBC: Laying off 2,100 workers today
Microsoft to CNBC: Laying off 2,100 workers today

Microsoft will fire 2,100 employees on Thursday, with nearly 750 of the cuts taking place in the Seattle and Puget Sound regions, as a part of a previously announced restructuring plan.

In July, the company said it planned to cut 18,000 jobs by the end of its fiscal year. It has already eliminated about 15,000 of those jobs.

Earlier this week, Microsoft said it would increase its quarterly dividend by 11 percent to 31 cents per share, the smallest percentage increase since 2009 when it laid off more than 5,000 employees.

Microsoft defended the move and said it hopes to keep dividend increases in line with operating profit, which rose some 4 percent during its last fiscal year.

It also appointed new directors to replace two board members who decided not to seek re-election.

—By CNBC staff