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This is our business' biggest challenge: Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck: Difficult to find talent

Finding and keeping talent is one of the biggest challenges facing his business, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck told CNBC on Thursday.

"These days, everybody wants to be a chef two years after being in the kitchen. I trained 10 years to become a chef," he said in an interview with "Street Signs. "

It's an issue that isn't necessarily helped by the glamorization of his profession on television, Puck said.

Wolfgang Puck
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"Now every young cook wants to be a television star. Every young cook wants to open a restaurant one year later after they started to cook. Then they wonder why our business has so many failures," Puck said.

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However, the restaurateur, whose three distinct companies have more than 100 fine dining and express restaurants around the word, credited his employees for "working hard" and helping to expand his business.

In fact, he thinks minimum wage should be increased.

"Minimum wage did not increase the way prices increased," Puck said. "I'm all for increasing minimum wage, especially for people in the kitchen—like dishwashers, clean-up guys."

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However, he noted that none of his employees are paid minimum wage because they have been with his company for so long.

Wolfgang Puck: AC restaurant doing very well

Puck also addressed the situation in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he has a restaurant and where four casinos have gone out of business this year.

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Puck said he was "shocked" that one of those casinos, Revel, closed. He also noted that business at his American Grille, in the Borgata, is doing quite well.

"We increased not only the top line but also the bottom line over the last two, three years. We do better today than six years ago," he said.

—By CNBC's Michelle Fox. CNBC's Stefanie Kratter contributed to this report.

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