Alibaba — you mean from Aladdin?

Alibaba -- you mean from Aladdin?

While Wall Street is looking to invest billions in what could be the largest initial public offering in the world, much of Main Street has no clue what Alibaba is.

A character from a children's book? A religious figure?

Those are some of the answers Nightly Business Report got when asking people, "What is Alibaba?"

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A still from Disney's Aladdin showing Prince Ali Baba.
Source: Disney Songs | YouTube

According to a recent Ipsos poll conducted for Thomson Reuters, 88 percent of people polled have never heard of the Chinese internet company.

Alibaba has ambitions of going global and expanding into the United States with the proceeds from its nearly $22 billion stock sale, which may prove to be challenging if people can't differentiate between the site and a fictional character.

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