Over 130 Attend Lystek Open House Event - Celebrating First Full Year of Operations at Southgate OMRC

DUNDALK, Ontario, Sept. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lystek's invitational Open House event at the Southgate Organic Materials Recover Centre (OMRC) attracted over 130 people on Wednesday, September 17. The event was held in celebration of the surpassing of Lystek's first full year of operations of the centre and, according to those in attendance, it was a huge success.

Attendees included representatives from several Ontario municipalities and agricultural associations, soil and crop advisors, local businesses, politicians, the Ministry of the Environment and many area farmers. The event included a luncheon and guided group tours of the facility, where biosolids and organics are converted into LysteGro, a federally registered biofertilizer product in huge demand from the agricultural sector. There were also two outings to a local farm site. Participants were transported by bus to view the process of applying the product to farm land via sub-surface land injection.

Kevin Litwiller, Director of Business Development thanked everyone for coming and supporting what he described as a "major, milestone event" for the community, Lystek and the industry, in general. He stated that; "In just the first 18 months of operations, the OMRC has diverted almost 60 million kilograms of raw resources into a highly marketable, environmentally responsible and sustainable product."

Those in attendance were impressed with Lystek's manufacturing based approach to biosolids and organics management. The simple, patented process involves a combination of heat, alkali and high shear mixing which boosts the ph, kills pathogens and creates an advanced, "Class A" equivalent, end fertilizer product. Small groups were taken on guided tours of the center and shown how the system is fully enclosed from transportation and delivery of incoming materials, throughout the processing step and all the way to land application. They were also impressed by the way the product is applied to the soil.

Ray Robertson, a professional agrologist and the Executive Director & President of Grey Agricultural Services had the following to say; "I have had the pleasure of taking a tour of the Southgate OMRC where I was able to see the system in action and observe the entire operation. I have met the people that developed this solution and heard testimonials from local residents and agricultural clients and I am truly impressed. The science behind the technology and the remarkable end product (LysteGro) produced has numerous, demonstrated benefits. This is recycling and reuse at its best."

LysteGro is high in organic matter which, unlike commercial fertilizer, also restores the health and fertility of the soil. In this way, it is complimentary to commercial fertilizer and it helps farmers reduce input costs. The field which the group visited had been harvested of wheat and will be prepared for corn in 2015.

Mike Dougherty, Manager, Fertilizer Production & Distribution for Lystek, explained how Lystek works with local farmers, soil and crop specialists and land application professionals to ensure the soil is tested prior to application and that the product is utilized properly. Generally speaking, this is done at about 3,000 gallons per acre. Because the fertilizer is injected several inches into the soil, there is almost no odour.

Southgate Mayor Brian Milne stated it had been "Quite a journey but Lystek has done everything they said they were going to do." He went on to say; "They are tremendous corporate citizens and the majority of the community is accepting of what Lystek is doing. They saw the vision, and they are supporting it."

Lystek International Inc. is an award-winning organic materials recovery firm with proven solutions that is helping municipalities and other generators reduce waste, costs, odours and greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative approach to biosolids and organics management. Lystek is committed to beneficial use through the transformation of non-hazardous, organic materials into nutrient rich, federally registered, "market ready" fertilizer products. At the wastewater treatment plant, the same, innovative system can also be used to optimize the performance of digesters and BNR systems while reducing overall volumes and increasing biogas production for green energy.

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