The Suitsy: A professional jumpsuit fit for Wall Street

On the outside, the Suitsy looks like a typical business suit with a shirt, pants and a jacket. But it takes far less work to put on—just one zip from fly to neck will have you suited-up, according to an article in The Guardian.

Complete with fake shirt cuffs, the Suitsy hides the main zipper behind a row of fake shirt buttons. The tie, belt and shoes are not included.

The Suitsy is the brainchild of Jesse Herzog, San Francisco real estate developer.

"Imagine looking professional but feeling like you are in pajamas," he explained on the invention's business proposal on Betabrand. If enough people vote in favor of the creation on Betabrand, the crowd-funded apparel company, The Suitsy becomes a reality. So far, Herzog has 489 votes with 27 days to go.

The Suitsy
Source: Jesse Herzog | YouTube

Hard to visualize the Suitsy? Watch Herzog in a Youtube demonstration.

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Herzog told The Guardian that he came up with the idea six months ago and debuted the Suitsy at the rehearsal dinner for his wedding. But GQ, the gatekeeper of masculine style, is not a fan, asking men to "imagine yourself not being lazy and buying a proper tailored suit instead."