Frankfort Chiropractor Explains Link Between Nutrition and Chronic Health Conditions

FRANKFORT, Ill., Sept. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Frankfort chiropractor seeks to educate area residents on the role nutrition plays -- for better and for worse -- in their state of health. According to Dr. Scott Stratton, DC of Advanced Chiropractic Wellness, the dietary and nutritional choices individuals make have profound effects on all aspects of physical function, from obesity to food intolerances that cause chronic pain and illness. "What you eat can either optimize your health or destroy it. That's why we offer nutritional counseling to help our patients enjoy happier, healthier lives," he said.

Dr. Stratton notes that modern reliance on fast food, sugary snacks, and other highly processed foods has made these menu items and eating habits second nature, with a large portion of a typical U.S. home's food budget being spent on them. He points to the worldwide obesity epidemic as a prime result of these dietary habits. "Fatty, sugary, salty, overly-refined foods can definitely lead to obesity, which in turn can cause or worsen chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney failure, and several varieties of cancer," he said. He adds that in his daily work as a chiropractor he also sees a connection between excess weight and premature joint wear, a primary factor in chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Another problem with these food choices involves their relative lack of necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids, according to Dr. Stratton. A diet consisting chiefly of processed foods, he says, can cause nutritional deficiencies that have a negative impact on nerve function, immune response, metabolism, muscle tone, hormonal balance, mood, and a variety of other health factors.

"The good news is that by changing bad eating habits to good habits, you can enjoy a dramatic upswing in your health. By teaching our patients how to choose a healthy diet of organic fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources, we can help them overcome many health problems and prevent new ones from occurring," he emphasized. The practitioner adds that in some cases he also recommends specific nutritional supplements.

Dr. Stratton notes that even a "healthy" diet can prove unhealthy for individuals who suffer from specific food intolerances or sensitivities. He states that he diagnoses these conditions, as well as general nutritional imbalances, by making use of a technique called Nutritional Response Testing. "We can test various acupuncture points on the body associated with different organ systems or body parts. If we detect abnormal neurological response in a specific area as we stimulate these points, we can figure out which system may be suffering from nutritional issues," he said. The practitioner encourages Frankfort residents to contact the clinic for more details.

In addition to nutritional counseling and Nutritional Response Testing, Advanced Chiropractic Wellness provides chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and ongoing preventative wellness care.

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