Lindenhurst Chiropractor Launches Nutrition Website

LINDENHURST, Ill., Sept. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Lindenhurst chiropractor has announced the launch of a nutrition website to complement his suite of natural healing services. According to Dr. Mark Freund, DC of Natural Care Chiropractic, the new site provides a point of entry for patients to obtain nutritional evaluations and personalized supplementation programs, often in conjunction with chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, and other services.

Dr. Freund's new website,, focuses on the chiropractor's new BIO Body Health Program. He describes the program as a combination of powerful diagnostic techniques and customized nutritional support based on the findings of those techniques. "Without proper daily nutrition, the body's tissues simply can't regenerate themselves as they should. This can lead to a gradual but comprehensive breakdown of physical systems. That's why we must consider nutrition a cornerstone of wellness care," he emphasized. The website include online patient visit forms and supplement reorder forms, as well as a Twitter feed and other media channels.

The practitioner's methods for screening patients for nutritional deficiencies consists of two principal diagnostic methods known as IQS and Nutritional Response Testing. He states that he become acquainted with IQS, which stands for Internal Query System, during his education in natural healing techniques such as Atlas Orthogonal Technique, acupuncture and homeopathy. As explained by Dr. Freund, IQS involves taking readings of the skin's electrical resistance while questioning the patient, with the aid of specialized software, in a manner that uncovers a variety of physical issues, many of which can easily slip past traditional diagnostic methods.

In Nutritional Response Testing, the chiropractor tests muscle reactions as he manipulates acupressure points associated with specific systems, such as organs. Weakness or drooping of a muscle when a particular acupressure point is stimulated indicates a problem with the associated system -- and this in turn, explains the practitioner, may point toward a need for nutritional supplementation and/or dietary adjustments.

Dr. Freund notes that some ailments come with obvious symptoms that can be relieved by eating more or less of specific foods. "For instance, we may recommend that a patient suffering from an inflammatory pain condition consume more sources of omega-3 fatty acids, and partake of less red meat, which can worsen inflammation," he said. Dr. Freund states that his BIO Body Health Program may prove helpful in relieving disorders ranging from digestive dysfunction to fibromyalgia and ADD/ADHD, although he adds that neither IQS nor Nutritional Response Testing have yet gained official FDA approval.

The chiropractor added, "Nutrition is just as critical for optimal physical functioning as any of the other services our clinic can provide. By adding these new features, we can help our patients lead even happier and healthier lives."

In addition to nutritional diagnosis and counseling, Natural Care Chiropractic offers spinal adjustment, acupuncture, sports injury rehabilitation and other natural care services.

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