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Alibaba, & other new stocks ok’d by Cramer

Cramer's favorite IPO of 2014: MBLY

Given the slew of recent and exciting IPOs, where does Cramer stand on some new stocks, now?

Even though capturing the initial pop may no longer be possible, Cramer says at least three new issues still present opportunity. "Therefore, I think it makes sense to circle back and look at which to own and at what price," Cramer said.

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#3 - Alibaba

"My third favorite newly minted public company that's worth buying at these levels is Alibaba," Cramer said. And even though the deal priced at $68, Cramer thinks even after the spike, the stock is far from expensive.

"It's trading at 36 times next year's earnings estimates, a slightly lower multiple than Facebook, however, it's growing faster than Facebook and is incredibly profitable," Cramer said.

Although Cramer find the metrics very impressive, after meeting Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma, his commentary suggests there's even more to like.

"I found myself quite taken by this mild-mannered 50-year-old gentleman. His humility, frankly, astounded me," Cramer said, suggesting Ma wasn't the self-congratulating type who would rest on his laurels.

All told, Cramer said, "as we get closer to my initial $82 price target, you have to buy, not sell, this stock."

#2 - GoPro

Cramer is a fan of GoPro, as a company that's carved a niche for itself that, it turn, it now dominates

"They make mounted cameras that you can use to capture footage on everything from a mountain bike to surfboard."

Although the applications may seem niche, Cramer believes GoPro will likely transform from a product that's embraced by athletes to something used by the mainstream population; therefore he thinks the company is in early stages of growth.

However, despite the potential, Cramer added, shares are already trading at 50 times 2016 estimates, which is far from cheap, despite the 34 percent long-term growth rate.

Therefore, rather than pull the trigger at current levels, "I'd take a pass on the stock up here. However, I think GoPro's holiday selling season, which will include new hardware, is going to make the stock a buy on any dip."

#1 Mobileye

"My number one favorite stock that's IPO'd this year is Mobileye," Cramer said. "This is the only pure play on software for camera-based advanced driver assistance systems."

Cramer finds the growth opportunity nothing short of astounding.

"By 2022, half of new cars, globally, should have some form of autonomous or advanced driver assistance system, up from just 2 percent today. And because of its proprietary software, Mobileye has 80 percent market share in this business."

Although shares came public at $25 in August, Cramer called the recent decline from $56 to $48, "the buying opportunity I've been waiting for."

"With 50 percent plus revenue growth it could be years before competitors catch up."

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On related note, if you're looking at future IPO's Cramer had a few thoughts. He said, "I think you should try to get a piece of Citizens Financial as it's being spun off from RBS later this week. Also, I'm intrigued by CyberArk, an Israeli cyber-security firm that's soon to come public."

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