MONTPELLIER, France, Sept. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deinove (Alternext Paris: ALDEI) and SOFIPROTÉOL report signing a three-year collaboration agreement to develop a production process for natural feed additives. This project, named COLOR2B, is part of the DEINOCHEM program and primarily targets the animal feed market, although it also opens up opportunities in human food applications.


Co-financed by DEINOVE and SOFIPROTÉOL, COLOR2B is an R&D project, which aims at developing a production process for natural feed additives. This includes selecting the best-performing bacteria strains from DEINOVE's strain bank, testing the compounds produced, qualifying their benefits for animal nutrition and health as well as developing the production process at pilot-scale.

  • DEINOVE's expertise will focus on producing additives from their bacterial micro-factories, in an eco-friendly and economically viable way.
  • SOFIPROTEOL's expertise will apply to feedstock selection, evaluation of the beneficial effects for animals, knowledge of the market and associated regulations, as well as marketing the technology developed.

Ultimately, the two partners strive to industrialize the bioproduction of such additives and launch new animal nutrition product lines. Targeted applications in human food will also be considered.


The DEINOCHEM program aims to use the DEINOVE strain library to produce chemical intermediates or specialty compounds that can be substituted for petroleum-derived products. Targeted applications are fragrances, cosmetics, human food and feed. This project is supported by the CGI (General Investment Commission) in the framework of the "Investing for the Future" French State program administered by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

"Several strains from our vast bank of bacteria naturally produce different families of additives. Our objective is to take advantage of this natural characteristic to enter the global nutrition market. SOFIPROTEOL is a major player in this market and a partner of choice for DEINOVE," said Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE.

"By working with DEINOVE, we access a tremendous biodiversity potential. It seems that very few unmodified bacteria have such a capacity to produce additives like this. We have been speaking with the DEINOVE research and development teams for several months and we're delighted to begin this truly collaborative, innovative, and value-creating project today," said Jean-François Rous, Vice Président of Innovation at SOFIPROTEOL.


Feed additives are added to feed for various reasons, such as control and prevention of infectious diseases, improved weight gain, to optimize the supply of vitamins and other nutrients or even to make the feed easier to digest. Likewise, the additives maintain and improve the health of animals which are ultimately consumed by humans.

The factors behind the market demand for animal feed additives are intensification of cattle rearing, increasing global demand for proteins, increasing consumption of meat worldwide, and growing awareness of the quality of animal products and health safety as well as rising environmental and regulatory concerns.

In the frame of this context, feed manufacturers such as the Animal Products Division at SOFIPROTÉOL, major agribusiness stakeholder and French leader in animal nutrition, are developing innovative ways to produce natural additives.

In terms of turnover, the global market for animal feed additives was more than 16 billion dollars in 2012 and should reach 20 billion dollars in 2018, with 3.8% growth per year starting in 2013.1


SOFIPROTÉOL is the industrial and financial arm of the vegetable oils and proteins sector. Its mission is to create sustainable value in this sector by contributing to better foods for humans and preservation of the planet. SOFIPROTÉOL focuses on agribusiness activities in its two Divisions: the Oilseeds Division (oilseed crushing, refining, the packaging of edible oils, the production of biodiesel and oleochemistry) and the Animal Products Division (animal nutrition, hygiene, biosecurity, nutritional specialities and food products: pork, poultry and eggs). SOFIPROTÉOL's turnover in 2013 was €7 billion, and it currently employs 8240 people in some twenty countries.

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DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI) is changing the green chemistry domain by designing and developing new bioproduction standards based on bacteria of yet untapped potential: the Deinococci. By taking advantage of their singular genetic properties and their unusual robustness, DEINOVE optimizes the metabolic and fermentary capacities of these natural "micro-factories" to create high value-added products from non-food biomass. The Company's primary markets are 2nd-generation biofuels (DEINOL) and alternative chemical compounds for petroleum-derived products (DEINOCHEM), in which DEINOVE offers its technology to global industrial partners. Listed on Alternext since April 2010, DEINOVE was founded by Dr. Philippe Pouletty, CEO of Truffle Capital, and Pr. Miroslav Radman, from the Faculty of Medicine at Université René Descartes. The company employs more than 40 people in its new laboratories in Montpellier, France, at the Biopôle Euromédecine center.

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1 Animal Feed Additives Market by Type, Livestock & Geography - Trends & Forecasts (2011 - 2018)

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