The TreadRight Foundation Celebrates World Rhino Day

DELRAY BEACH, FL, Sept. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The TreadRight Foundation , a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation's family of brands, celebrates "World Rhino Day 2014" with the unveiling of The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative. This initiative introduces a compelling new approach to its sustainability efforts, providing comprehensive aid in its support of the fight against wildlife crime.

In its first year, The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative focuses its support on the plight of the rhino and the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking, a critical threat of unprecedented proportions. Never before has the illegal wildlife trade seen such a surge in poaching, smuggling and sales. The extremely erroneous and harmful belief by some that rhino horns can cure fevers, blood disorders, gout, cancers and a plethora of other ailments has brought all five remaining species of rhino to the edge of extinction.

Wildlife organizations face an uphill battle against a highly sophisticated and pervasive foe. Protecting some of the most at-risk animals on the planet requires considerable resources, significant aid and enduring dedication. It is with this is in mind that The TreadRight Foundation has forged partnerships with leading wildlife organizations to support the defense and conservation of these otherwise helpless animals.

In partnering with WildAid, the foundation backs an organization with a successful track record in reducing the demand for illegal wildlife products by educating the public through poignant multimedia campaigns, prominent partnerships and an extensive international network of influencers.

The TreadRight Foundation's continued support of the Endangered Wildlife Trust's Rhino Conservation Project, in conjunction with African Travel, Inc. and Lion World Travel, helps the organization deliver wildlife crime interventions at several stages in the poaching and wildlife trade chain, including care for orphaned baby rhinos.

African Travel, Inc. is proud to be an active founder and supporter of TreadRight's projects and work. The principles of conservation and leadership serve to guide all actions from the regional offices beyond, and African Travel, Inc. encourages their various partners to do the same. By providing grants to organizations that encourage sustainability in different destinations, the hope is to maintain the natural attractions that define each unique region.

Lion World Travel is haunted by the plight of the rhino, and conservation-based tourism is an integral part of their commitment to providing guests with a magical African safari. They believe that tourism is one of the most powerful tools against poaching, and Lion World Travel has committed to donate $0.50 to The Endangered Wildlife Trust every time their "Help Save the Rhinos" page is shared on social media using #ShareIfYouCare or #50for50 . The goal is to reach 20,000 shares for a total of $10,000 to be donated to the Rhino Project in honor of the company's 50th anniversary this year.

"Bringing multiple project partners across multiple brands together under one banner, The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative looks to further the foundation's commitment to the future now, by highlighting an urgent and desperate cause," said Brett Tollman, CEO, The Travel Corporation. "The staggering and disturbing statistics associated with the illegal wildlife trade, combined with the horrific stories and images from the frontline of this fight in the south of Africa - a place close to the hearts of my family and of The Travel Corporation - cannot and will not go ignored."

This marks the first official initiative launched by The TreadRight Foundation and signals a contemporary and engaging approach to its sustainable efforts, further confirming its complete dedication to help ensure the environments and communities we visit remain vibrant for generations to come.

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About The TreadRight Foundation

At African Travel, Inc., Lion World Travel, and parent company The Travel Corporation, we understand that travel matters; it allows us to explore the world and gain a deeper understanding of each destination, its history and culture, through enriching experiences. We also recognize that it is our responsibility to help protect the places we visit and take care of the world around us.

Created as a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation's family of brands, The TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit that works to help ensure the environment and communities we visit remain vibrant and preserved for generations to come. To date, TreadRight has donated more than USD 2.5 million to sustainable tourism projects worldwide. African Travel, Inc. and Lion World Travel are proud to be active founders and supporters of TreadRight's projects and work. Go to and to learn more.

TreadRight's guiding principle is to encourage sustainable tourism development through conservation, leadership and support for communities. We encourage each of our partners to use this principle to guide all of their actions, whether at our regional offices or when taking guests around the world. By providing grants to organizations that encourage sustainability in different destinations, we hope to maintain the natural attractions across the world that define each unique region. Foundation priorities are set by the Steering Committee, which includes sustainability leaders like Céline Cousteau and Costas Christ.

To learn more about our past and current work at TreadRight, please visit us at

About WildAid
WildAid's mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection. WildAid is the only organization focused on reducing the demand for these products, with the strong and simple message: "When the buying stops, the killing can too."

With an unrivalled portfolio of celebrity ambassadors and global network of media partners, we are able to deliver high-impact, culturally-sensitive multimedia campaigns, leveraging well over USD $200 million in pro-bono media support, and reaching one billion people every week.

About The Wilderness Foundation
The Wilderness Foundation is a project-driven conservation and leadership organization that encourages, plans and protects wild lands and wilderness, uplifts the knowledge and lives of citizens and stimulates an environmental ethos among current and future leaders. We envisage a world that has sufficient intact natural ecosystems and wilderness areas that are valued and effectively protected for the benefit of all species.

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