ChatAssist(TM) Powered by ConnectWise(R) Enables Real-Time, Two-Way Communication Between Technology Solution Providers and Customers

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectWise, developer of the leading business management platform designed exclusively for technology solution providers, today unveiled ChatAssist™, a revolutionary new chat and remote control product developed and built by ConnectWise. As the only chat and remote control product to be fully unified with ConnectWise, ChatAssist transforms how technology solution providers interact with and support their customers by facilitating real-time, two-way communication and visibility, improving efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

"ConnectWise is committed to innovation and discovering new ways to help our partners succeed, which is why we are so excited to unveil ChatAssist," said Arnie Bellini, CEO of ConnectWise. "We truly believe this product is unlike anything else on the market with its ability to transform how quickly and effectively our partners can service their customers. We are confident that this unprecedented ability to automate service level agreements will be a real game-changer."

ChatAssist increases business efficiency by allowing multitasking to take place, as partners can service multiple clients simultaneously. ChatAssist captures each and every chat session, along with the amount of time required to complete the chat, directly into ConnectWise, thus automating service level agreements. From here, ChatAssist grants the ability to apply new chats to existing client tickets, or use existing chat details to create new tickets for previously unknown issues.

"At ConnectWise we are already using ChatAssist internally to handle over fifty percent of the support tickets currently created on a daily basis," said Earl Provin, director of partner support services, ConnectWise. "It allows our Support Colleagues to assist partners quickly, making phone support a secondary thought. It's an amazingly powerful tool."

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