Becky Quick at the Clinton Global Initiative in conversation with Pres. Clinton and execs at Barclays, Hershey, Monsanto, Apple

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The global economic crisis that took hold six years ago and the subsequent recession raised new hopes, expectations, and fears about the relationship between corporations and consumers. While more than 50 percent of consumers worldwide say that they are willing to reward companies that give back to society, they often still pick the easy and affordable options that provide short-term gratification and convenience. Corporations are exploring how to produce meaningfully sustainable products and services that are better for consumer health, fairer to those who produce them, and cleaner for our planet, while also helping consumers navigate an abundance of choices.

Opening Conversation:

  • President Bill Clinton, Founding Chairman, Clinton Global Initiative; 42nd President of the United States
Do Consumers Care? Part 1

Panel Discussion:

  • Antony Jenkins, Group Chief Executive, Barclays
  • Penny Pritzker, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Tony James, President and COO, Blackstone
Do Consumers Care? Part 2

Closing Conversation:

  • John P. Bilbrey, President and CEO, The Hershey Company
  • Hugh Grant, Chairman and CEO, Monsanto Company
  • Lisa Jackson, Vice President, Environmental Initiatives, Apple