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Market driving Cramer to drink, really

Cramer's best in booze & brews

The ups and downs of the market are enough to drive anyone to drink. Oh, not like that. In his never-ending quest to generate returns, Jim Cramer turned to some liquor stocks that he thought should have upside.

"I like Molson Coors (TAP). I think it's the best. Then I like Constellation Brands (STZ) then I like Ambev (ABEV)," Cramer said after Holly from Oregon asked him about liquor stocks in the Lightning Round.

Also, Cramer told Matt from California that he thinks Yelp (YELP) will get back to $100. "If it doesn't get there by earnings I think it gets there by takeover," Cramer said. And when Bela from Connecticut asked about Home Depot (HD) Cramer said because the credit card breach didn't trigger a decline, he thinks the stock is a "buy, buy, buy."

Looking at the market broadly, an undercurrent that's been sorely missing from the stock market resurfaced on Wednesday. And Cramer says your chances of making money will be sorely compromised unless you factor it into your next move.

Common sense is moving stocks. That may sound a little glib, but Cramer says it hasn't been that way for a while, making the change extremely noteworthy.

And he believes the price action in Chipotle (CMG) and Panera (PNRA) reflect the phenomenon. What exactly has Cramer identified as a money making catalyst?

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Elsewhere in the market, Cramer said Celgene (CELG) and at least two other stocks belong on your radar, right now, with good ol' American ingenuity generating a string of opportunities.

"Biotech is so exciting," Cramer said. "And the industry is so phenomenal in this county. It's a terrific reminder of our nation's innovative spirit and fabulous science."

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Looking at new trends that are potentially investable, Cramer said the popularity of prepaid gift cards, and the resulting profit potential could be a gift for long-term investors.

"This has become a huge industry," Cramer explained. "In the United States alone, retail purchases made with prepaid cards should top $200 billion, roughly five percent of all retail spending in this country."

But if you're looking to leverage the trend, Cramer thinks only a few stocks get the job done.

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Meanwhile, for a read on the economy, Cramer checked in with Marty Mucci, the CEO of Paychex. Talking about the impact of Obamacare on small business, Mucci said, "It has slowed down hiring. I find businesses are being careful about the 50 rule. But we help them navigate all that. However, sales are coming in and consumer confidence is up so I expect to see more hiring. I think we'll know a lot more in the next few months."

And looking at Paychex as a stock opportunity, given Cramer's belief that the economy is making a slow but steady recovery, he said, "This stock is a buy."