No bubble in tech, says Andreesen Horowitz's COO

Early stages of long bull market in tech: Pro
Early stages of long bull market in tech: Pro

Some analysts and observers believe that the recent activity in the tech sector—the resignation of Larry Ellison, SAP buying Concur, the purchase of Minecraft by Microsoft—suggests a top in the tech space.

Scott Kupor, Andreessen Horowitz
Source: Andreessen Horowitz

However, Scott Kupor, COO at Andreessen Horowitz, says these events are not a peak, but actually the beginning of a long "revolution" in the enterprise end of technology.

"I think the way to read the enterprise stuff is to realize that we're at the very, very beginning of the cusp of the enterprise revolution in technology," says Kupor. "M&A in particular has not been that strong so far. So I think the SAP, Concur deal is going to set off quite a bit of M&A activity in the broader enterprise space."

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When asked about the recent dip in price of Alibaba, Kupor attributes it to "a bit of a macro issue rather than something specific to tech or Alibaba in particular."

Alibaba represents a "culmination of a long winter of consumer internet companies," he said. After the bubble in 2000, Kupor stated that people thought "nothing interesting was going on in consumer internet."

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However, during that time Alibaba was started in 1999 followed by LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in 2004. The recent public offerings of these companies signal a new beginning in tech, Kupor said.

"If you look at what's happened from 2012 starting with the Facebook IPO and now through to Alibaba...I think most people would agree that the economics of the consumer internet is vastly superior to what people thought they were," he said.

While Kupor acknowledges the fact that there are indeed asset bubbles, he thinks bubble fears are mostly overblown. "These things can run for quite a long time. The acquisitions that you saw last week is really a precursor to a lot of activity that you are going to see in the enterprise side."

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