The Foresight Research Dealership Immersion Report(TM) is a Unique View Into New Car Buyers and How Dealers Influence the Purchase Decision

ROCHESTER, Mich., Sept. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Foresight Research announces publication of an in-depth report of new auto buyer experience, preferences, and purchase influence relating to auto dealerships. The 2014 Dealership Immersion Report™ examines the dealership relationship from several perspectives – from how dealerships are selected, to the overall influence they have in the purchase; from how buyers communicate with their dealer, to the role of brochures and accessories.

"Automobiles are a big-ticket purchase, and the dealer experience is a critical part of the decision making process," said Christopher Stommel, President of Foresight Research. "Since half of all buyers have bought from the same dealer more than once, each positive sales experience means more business down the road. Understanding what satisfies and influences customers throughout the dealership interaction is key."

"Everyone knows the price / deal is important, but having a comfortable environment for shopping also tops the list of criteria consumers use to choose a dealership. And customers tell us a comfortable environment is heavily driven by the sales staff, an often-delicate balance between allowing the customer to browse or shop without interference, and being readily available to help when desired."

"In addition, dealer choice criteria and preferences differ by buyer type," Stommel explained. "Boomers are all about comfort and dealer relationships, Gen Xers are looking for convenience and Gen Y places higher value on financing flexibility. Since mature buyers represent 60% of all new auto sales today, their priorities have to be front and center. But at the same time we see that younger buyers have their own ideas about what they want out of dealership experiences in the future."

This is a valuable tool for better understanding new auto customer wants and needs for car manufacturers and dealers. Find out more about The Dealership Immersion Report™ and our other 2014 Immersion reports at

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