Cramer: Hey good buddy, this trade for you!

Cramer's fleet card business plays: FLT & WEX

Cramer is always on the hunt for a long-term theme that can generate returns, regardless of what happens in the world.

And he thinks the fleet card business meets that criteria and then some.

"Before I get into the specifics of my favorite stocks, though, let me first explain fleet cards. They're similar to , however they're issued to managers of vehicle fleets who, in turn, give the cards to their drivers for fuel and other purchases," Cramer said.

Fleet cards are preferable to standard company issued credit cards, because they typically involve a sizable discount, negotiated with gas stations. In turn, companies with a large fleet of vehicles can reduce their fuel expenses. "In an industry like trucking where your largest cost is fuel, that's a big deal," Cramer explained.

Although there are many ways to leverage the trend Cramer said his favorite stock in the space is FleetCor.

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"First of all, the company's built up an extensive customer network with nearly one million commercial accounts across 24 countries. Second, they have exclusive long-term contracts with some of the world's biggest oil companies, including BP, Shell, Chevron, and Petrobras, and third, they're the only fleet card provider that offers proprietary chip and PIN technology thanks to an exclusive deal with Visa."

Cramer went on to say that scale is hugely important in the business, and, because Fleet is already the largest player in the space, with every new deal, FleetCor becomes even stronger. "I think the stock opportunity is tremendous. I could see the stock heading to $200 over the next year or two, a 42 percent gain from these levels."

The only drawback is that the potential has not gone unnoticed on Wall Street. "FleetCor trades at 23 times next year's earnings estimates," Cramer said, which isn't cheap, and shares have already rallied more than 20 percent in 6 months.

"If you're looking for more of a bargain here, then I'd look at WEX Inc, the number two global fleet card play," Cramer said. As compared to FleetCor, "WEX trades at 18 times next year's earnings estimates, yet its growth rate should accelerate up to the high-teens in 2015 and 2016," Cramer said.

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All told, Cramer thinks both stocks are facing upside and should remain investable no matter what happens with the global economy. As noted above, "My favorite player is FleetCor," Cramer said again, "but if you'd rather go for more of a bargain, I'm also willing to give WEX my blessing."

What else is there to say, except 10-4 good buddy.

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