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Gadgets for the road: Best of the new travel technology

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In search of practical, pint-sized travel tools

There are new gadgets galore for the modern-day traveler. Some work; some don't. Some make life on the road a bit easier, others just end up taking up precious space in your suitcase.

Even some of the oldest ones, such as safety pins and nail clippers, have new uses, said co-founder Paul Schrater. "Safety pins," he said, "can be used to take out a splinter, hold jewelry together, open a disc drive or hit the reset button on some electronics."

We rounded up some fresh, useful items out on the market now. Don't see something you like? Don't worry. Inventors are travelers, too, and many of them are hard at work making tomorrow's must-have travel gadget.

—By Harriet Baskas, special to CNBC. Follow Road Warrior on Twitter at @CNBCtravel.

Posted 27 September 2014

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