Strahm Automation & Mailing Services Gains Efficiencies with Canon Solutions America

MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., today announced that Strahm Automation and Mailing Services has acquired an Océ ColorStream® 3500 high-speed, digital inkjet press.

Founded in 1913 as a simple print shop, Kansas City-based Strahm Automation and Mailing Services evolved from a traditional offset printing company to a print-and-mail operation by the 1990s. When current President Brian Dicker purchased Strahm in 1995, he wasted no time transitioning the company to 100 percent digital. These days, Dicker describes the business as a document composer, manufacturer, and deliverer of value-added documents. Its primary applications include transactional mail such as utility bills, jury duty notifications, medical test results, and tax statements.

While Strahm's commitment to service and quality has remained constant over the past 100 years, the manner in which it responds to customer demands has changed dramatically. In particular, Strahm has embraced the print-on-demand model as the most efficient and cost-effective means of responding to the increasing demand for short-run jobs. Dicker recognized that moving from toner to inkjet would give Strahm a competitive edge in the market: inkjet will provide them the ability to be more creative and widen their product offerings, while at the same time providing a higher quality document at a lower price to their customers.

Shopping Around

Dedicated to delivering world-class solutions at market prices, Strahm consistently invests in the best equipment and latest technology. Recognizing the time had come to transition from toner to inkjet, Dicker spent four years investigating his options. The available technology was impressive, but it wasn't until ink and paper manufacturers rose to the occasion and began making high-quality, low-cost products for inkjet that Dicker decided to pull the trigger.

After carefully considering a wide array of inkjet equipment, Strahm narrowed it down to a small group of finalists, including the Océ ColorStream 3500. All offered similar capabilities at a comparable price point, and for Dicker, a long-time Canon Solutions America customer, the choice was clear.

"There are multiple good engines out there, but Canon Solutions America's infrastructure is really what made the difference," said Dicker. "Canon Solutions America offers the infrastructure we can depend on to support the product and our production needs. We can trust them to do the right thing."

Dicker and his staff were impressed with the high quality, brilliant full-color output of the Océ ColorStream 3500, which they deemed ideal for transactional and direct mail applications. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that the Océ ColorStream 3500 will allow Strahm to eliminate the massive amount of customer preprinted shells currently taking up 40,000 to 50,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Gearing Up

Strahm began preparing for the arrival of the Océ ColorStream 3500 well in advance, training his staff on the fundamentals of color printing and sending a core team of associates to Canon Solutions America's Boca Raton offices for an intensive week-long Color Management training.

While it's easy to presume that Strahm will reap the bulk of the benefits, its customers will also find themselves on the receiving end in terms of outstanding printed deliverables at a more reasonable cost.

"With the Océ ColorStream 3500, Strahm gains the ability to more effectively respond to ever-changing customer demands, resulting in a finished product that delivers on expectations," said Francis A. McMahon, vice president, marketing, Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America. "At the same time, its cutting edge technology and low-waste operation allows Strahm to pass savings along to its customers, creating even greater satisfaction and loyalty."

The installation process has just begun and Strahm is already stirring up excitement about the Océ ColorStream 3500 among its customers, explaining exactly what this latest acquisition will mean to them. The reaction has been wildly enthusiastic.

"Our client base is very excited about the advantages in quality and pricing they stand to gain from this new technology," said Dicker. "They also appreciate that we will be getting away from preprinted shells. Already, they are bringing more opportunities to us."

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