These securities are moving after the Bill Gross news


Following the announcement that Bill Gross is leaving Pimco after 43 years, several securities moved heavily on the news—and not just those tied to the investment firm he helped found.

Gross, who is joining Janus Capital on Sept. 29, stunned the financial world with his move: He had served as Pimco's chief investment officer, but was about to be fired for erratic behavior, CNBC has learned.

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"While we are grateful for everything Bill contributed to building our firm and delivering value to PIMCO's clients, over the course of this year, it became increasingly clear that the firm's leadership and Bill have fundamental differences about how to take Pimco forward," CEO Douglas Hodge said in a statement.

Not only did shares of Janus jump on the news, but Pimco's parent Allianz plummeted in morning trading. Nearly all of Pimco's funds fell by more than a percent.

The Pimco's Total Return ETF (BOND) saw record volume Friday. By 10:30 a.m. ET, the fund had crossed 2.3 million shares traded—it had never topped 1.9 million since it started trading in 2012.

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Competitor Blackrock also surged on the news.