Castel Detect(TM) LIVE Speech Analysis Premiering at Auto Finance Summit 2014

BUFFALO, N.Y., Sept. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Castel Communications, LLC, today announced they will premier Castel Detect™ speech analysis solution at the Auto Finance Summit 2014, October 6-8, to be held at the Aria in Las Vegas.

A first-time exhibitor at the Auto Finance Summit, the live voice analysis solution continues to be the first choice for companies looking to identify mission-critical business events, compliance adherence and customer service issues while calls are LIVE. For example, customers may state like phrases in different ways. Castel Detect™ 2.4 provides Contextual Phrase Grouping to successfully detect the various ways particular statements may be phrased by the speaker, "I want to speak to your manager", "I want to speak to a supervisor", "Let me speak with your manager", "Transfer me to your supervisor". In this example, each of the phrases could be placed in a phrase group where, if stated by customer, Castel Detect™ can pop a message to the agent's screen with next best step to take. Customers looking to cancel service policies or warranty contracts may be better addressed by agents armed with reminders as to how to respond with successful customer retention statements. In the event a customer states, "cancel my contract", or "close my account", Castel Detect™ can pop a message to the agent's screen with a message stating TRANSFER TO CUST RETENTION TEAM, or other necessary action.

"There are many solutions available to companies looking to check audio for non-compliance and customer service issues after the fact through a post-call recording search," stated Rachid Cheaib, Castel CEO. "Where Castel Detect™ really makes the value difference for our customers is in its ability to consistently monitor all calls and provide the analysis directly to those responsible on the front line, the agent population and respective management team. Castel engineers work hand-in-hand with customers to include the words and phrases integral to their business lines. Additionally, users can enable LIVE alerts that appear on agents' screens, the management's screens or both, ensuring opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation are not missed."

"ACT demands that its vendors provide the best solutions to support our needs," stated Michael Magarrell, Vice President, Strategic Accounts for ACT. "In our ever-changing industry, Castel Detect™ helps facilitate our quality assurance strategies, improving our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of regulatory agencies and our clients."

Attendees are invited to booth #324 to learn more about Castel Detect™ speech analysis and other Castel solutions including digital voice recording, real-time business intelligence center, manual dialing platform and more.

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