TriTech Software & Medlert Inc. Announce Integration Plans

SAN DIEGO, CALIF., Sept. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Approaching the start of the TriCON 2014 conference, TriTech Software and Medlert Inc. announced integration plans for the TriTech's Inform CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) solution and Medlert Connect, a mobile and web, cloud-based platform for scheduling of non-urgent medical transport using a middleware solution called the Medberry.

The Medberry establishes and facilitates a tunnel between any TriTech Inform CAD system and Medlert's VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). The Medberry is HIPAA-compliant, stores zero data locally, and any data in-transit is passed over a secure and fast HTTPS connection encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

"The TriTech / Medlert solution allows TriTech customers to utilize the power of the cloud-based software to schedule non-emergency transports," said Erik Loberg, TriTech Software Systems' Director of Product Management, CAD and 9-1-1. "Using this application will reduce errors and ensure that patients are picked up at the scheduled times allowing TriTech customers to better utilize their ambulance and medical transportation vehicles to better serve the public."

"We believe the Medlert integration with TriTech presents an enormous opportunity for TriTech's customers to offer their customers a fast, secure, and cloud-based solution for ordering medical transports on mobile or web devices," said David Emanuel, Medlert CEO. "Medlert's Connect platform is about improving the level of care and improving billing efficiency while being mobile or at a work station."

Medlert Connect helps ambulance services improve operational and billing efficiency and reduce days outstanding, which improves cash flow. To integrate with TriTech Inform CAD solution, Medlert is launching the Medberry, which offers an easy way allow the integration of the software systems without requiring heavy investments in hardware infrastructure and networking.

"The Medberry is part of a suite of connecting Medlert services to facilitate a top-down system of engagement for our clients," said Ernest Semerda, Medlert CTO. "Our Medlert Connect users turn to mobile smartphones for fast and easy engagement like requesting an ambulance. It is a mobile mind shift and we're driving the EMS space into a new way of thinking about providing care."

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Medlert Inc. is a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and web, cloud-based solutions for the healthcare ecosystem, including the EMS industry. The Medlert Connect platform offers healthcare providers a seamless way to order

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