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Flight attendants take passenger shaming to new heights

Passenger Shaming facebook page
Source: Passenger Shaming | Facebook

Outraged and disgusted by some passengers' behavior, a former flight attendant has set up a passenger shaming blog that lets users rant about their experience in the sometimes not-so friendly skies, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The site's Facebook page features images submitted by anonymous users (mostly flight attendants and passengers), showing travelers who, as one poster put it, "deserve to be called out" for their shocking behavior.

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Among the posts is an image of a shirtless man standing, with his hands in a somewhat inappropriate position, while swigging from a glass bottle. Others show passengers propping their bare feet against the cabin or neighbors' seats, while other images show trashed bathrooms or a condom under a seat.

A flight attendant who goes by the pseudonym Shawn Kathleen started the site last year to expose inappropriate behavior, but she noted 'the passengers discussed here are an incredibly small minority. In my experience the majority of passengers are very kind."

The blog's the Facebook page has more than 215,000 likes, while the Twitter page has more than 12,000 followers, with the following appearing to grow fast.

So think twice the next time you get the urge to "let it all hang out" on a flight. You might be on camera.

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