Photo Release -- Ricardo Salinas Highlights the Need for Solid Leadership and Cultural Change in Mexico

—He shares ideas at the ITAM to enrich the education of young people looking to add more value to society—

Ricardo Salinas spoke about the need of cultural change and its importance for Mexico

Ricardo Salinas, prior to his conference, met with alumni from Plantel Azteca who are recipients of undergraduate scholarships

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grupo Salinas, a group of dynamic, fast-growing and technologically advanced companies, deeply committed to the modernization of the countries in which it operates, announced today that its Chairman Ricardo B. Salinas spoke about the need for effective leadership and profound cultural change at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, ITAM. The audience was composed of Vice-Dean Alejandro Hernandez, trustees, scholars and hundreds of students, including 30 alumni of Plantel Azteca, from Grupo Salinas' Fundación Azteca, currently with scholarships from ITAM, with excellent academic performance.

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Mr. Salinas mentioned some ideas of Niall Ferguson that modern civilization is facing serious difficulties, including free market overregulation that hinders economic growth and excessive public debt in many countries that compromises the quality of life of future generations. In this environment, civil society is passive and expects many problems to be solved by the government.

To correct this situation, he emphasized the need for leadership to promote a better future, and described the characteristics of what is, from his point of view, a good leader. He or she must make accurate judgments, with strong fundamentals through intense preparation and deep knowledge of his or her sphere of influence. Mr. Salinas also emphasized the importance of making timely and informed decisions that produce positive results, and finally checking the validity of the decisions and overseeing implementation.

In the case of Mexico, Mr. Salinas said that if we want to advance faster, we must promote a cultural change to instill in our young people respect for the law, the value of hard work, innovation, independence and willingness to take risks; the latter implies that Mexicans should be more tolerant of error and failure. He said that Mexico requires leaders who can see beyond the immediate and imagine what this country can become.

Ricardo Salinas highlighted the need to prepare Mexicans with high levels of education, oriented to disciplined work so that Mexico can expand its private sector and stimulate economic activity. Education is a significant competitive strength of nations, and should be an attribute of Mexico.

The audience showed great interest in learning the concepts expressed by Mr. Salinas, and at the end of the presentation there was an active session of questions and answers, which further enriched the dialogue with the student body.

Ricardo Salinas is committed to sharing ideas and experiences and to develop concrete actions that contribute to the formation of youth to promote well-being and create value in communities. To learn more about the opinions of Mr. Salinas on these and many other topics of interest, visit:

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