Intel's smartwatch for the fitness-minded: Exec

Intel's Mike Bell: Best fitness tracker on market

Intel is trying wearable technology on for size.

The tech giant recently unveiled the Basis Peak, a wristwatch that monitors both sleep and fitness with a battery life of up to four days and syncs with Apple iOS and Samsung Android devices through a Bluetooth technology. Made of aluminum, the health band has sensors on the back and a Gorilla Glass touch screen on the face.

Intel is certainly not the first to unveil a smartwatch. Sony has its SmartWatch and Samsung recently released the Galaxy Gear S. Earlier this month, Apple unveiled its Apple Watch.

Peak wearable tech by Intel.
Source: Peak

To Mike Bell, vice president of the new devices group for Intel, the appeal of the Basis Peak is that it focuses solely on fitness.

"This device really is targeted specifically at fitness. It does a few things and it does them really, really well," he said Tuesday on CNBC's "Squawk Alley." "It's not the Swiss Army knife approach of a smartwatch."

Still, Bell said the Basis Peak is not so niche that it would alienate the casual gym goer.

"It's targeted, at this point, to everyone from the elite athlete to person who just is beginning exercise and wants to have a better idea of their fitness level and how exercise impacts their body," he said.

Priced at $199, the device will be available in select stores in early November.