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Board members: Clean your ears, listen to Cramer

Angie's list too risky to own: Cramer

Memo to every board of directors out there: when companies take Jim Cramer's advice, shares go higher, sometimes much higher.

Case in point; Angie's List, an Internet-based service that provides access to content for a fee. A couple of weeks ago, Cramer said it could be incredibly valuable to an acquirer, and the right buyer could turn Angie's list into a contender.

"Fast forward to this morning. had hired investment bankers to explore strategic options, " Cramer said. In turn shares jumped almost 20 percent in a single day.

Now what?

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If you own Angie's List, Cramer suggested taking profits. Although Cramer still thinks it would make a terrific acquisition, he never blesses a stock for M&A if the underlying fundamentals are in decline.

"And at Angiel's List, the fundamentals are in decline. The company has some serious structural problems," Cramer said.

However, if you're on the board of Google or Facebook, listen up. Cramer has an idea that could make you money.

"If you were to buy Angie's List, get rid of the pay wall, and make it easy for your billion plus users to access the company's content, then this could be a very attractive acquisition," Cramer said.

And on a related note, don't wait too long before following Cramer's advice or the story may not have such a happy ending.

"For at least two years I've been begging eBay to unlock value by spinning-off its lucrative and fast growing division as a separate company, " Cramer said

Then, earlier this week, eBay announced just such a move.

However, they waited so long to take his advice, Cramer thinks eBay may have compromised an opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

"Today eBay got hit with a slew of analyst downgrades and articles arguing that PayPal's future is looking a lot less bright with so many other companies rolling out online and mobile payment platforms of their own," Cramer noted.

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"Why didn't they do this two years ago?" Cramer questioned. "It would have been a brilliant move two years ago," he said.

"So listen up, board members, here's some more advice: don't wait too long before following Cramer's advice. If you do, it could cost you.

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